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PhD Studentship Characteristics of Aged Wood and Wood Products

Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences

Location:  Guildford
Post Type:  Full Time
Advert Placed:  Friday 07 April 2017
Closing Date:  Friday 30 June 2017
Reference:  029317
Wood and wood products are used extensively in construction and other applications.  Interest in these materials is currently on the increase with large-scale structures (including e.g. multi-storey buildings) being built, and new lines of wood products becoming available.  Whilst wood is an incredibly durable material (with examples of wooden structures many hundreds of years old being plentiful), it does not last for ever and there is a great deal of construction waste that is problematic to process – much goes to ‘energy from waste’, general incineration or even landfill.  Part of the complication arises from coatings and treatments that make the wood difficult to reprocess.
The current project will consider a range of wood and wood product types and will consider both mechanical and chemical properties and how these vary with time and exposure to a variety of environmental conditions.  Consideration will be given to reprocessing routes and how to make best use of the material resource represented by scrap wood, and will include the use of tools for the assessment of the environmental impact of these reprocessing routes.
Interviews will take place in the first week of July 2017.
This is a Directly Funded Project (UK students only).
For further information, please contact Dr David Jesson, d.jesson@surrey.ac.uk or 01483 686299. 
To apply, please visit http://www.surrey.ac.uk/postgraduate/mechanical-engineering-sciences-phd
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